KVIK-PAK PARALLEL soilpacker is to be used together with a reversible plow. It is mounted in the front  3 point linkage of the tractor. The packer consists of a patented frame, with a telescopic frame, moving from side to side. The action only takes place when the packer is running on the ground.
The packerunit is moved using 2 winches, driven by the tractor hydraulics.
The packerunit consist of a frame with 2 rollers, either a tuberoller and/or cast iron rings. The unit has free movement, which limits the influences on the steering of the tractor.
The high weight of the packer provides good packing and makes it easier to handle the plow.
The packingunit can be delivered with many different types of rings and rollers.
KVIK-PAK PARALLEL soilpacker is a danish qualityproduct. The packer is sandblasted and powdercoated with zincprimer and topcoat. KVIK-PAK PARALLEL soilpacker is made in widths from 210 to 360 cm.

The front roller has a larger diameter than the rear roller. This makes for easy pulling and an effective packing.
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