The KVIK-UP HARROW is designed for removal of roots. It works by using gravity to sort soil and plantmaterial, that the rotor on the harrow throws in the air.
Large tines, with socalled goosefeet attached, losen the soil in 10 to 15 cm. depth, and frees the material.
Very strong spring tines rotates with 180 n/min ( powered by tractor PTO ), grabs soil and plantmaterial and throws everything backwards in the air. The rotor works in 5 to 7 cm. depth.
Now gravity sorts the material. The heavy items lands first and the lighter items last, f.ex. Quackgrass roots and plantremains.
Now the rots are on the surface where wind, sun and frost can kill them.After that the can be plowed under.
The KVIK-UP HARROW has over the past 10 years been made over 230 times, and is a 100% danishmade qualityproduct. The harrow is sandblasted and powdercoated wit zincprimer and topcoat. The KVIK-UP HARROW is made as linkage mounted and semi mounted in 1.6 to 6.4 meter working width.